Fixed Deposit India

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fixed deposit calculator: A Useful Online Tool

A fixed deposit is one in which once the money is deposited, it cannot be withdrawn till its maturity. Fixed deposits unlike savings account pay high rates of interest. The longer the maturity period the more interest you earn, which again can be easily calculated by this valuable fixed deposit calculator. But if the fixed deposit amount is withdrawn or cancelled before the maturity period expires, a penalty is charged from the defaulter.
The fixed deposit calculator helps assess the interest calculations and the maturity amount to be received on a fixed deposit figure. The calculator is very handy and easy to use, just requires to input the following details namely – the principal amount, rate of interest, lock-in-period and the compounding rate and the final amount & interest gets calculated for you.

Summary: Fixed deposit calculator is a very useful online tool. It helps in evaluating the compound interest and the total deposit amount receivable after a fixed time period.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fixed deposit rates: For Precise Calculations of Returns

Fixed deposit rates facilitate depositors to know the exact value of the fixed deposit of the customer. For the conventional system, the interest on the fixed deposit account is credited to the depositor’s savings account specified by him or her on a quarterly or on a monthly basis.
Fixed deposit rates are an assured interest rate for the whole period of an investment. They allow the depositor to receive high interest rates.
On behalf of the Reinvestment scheme, the interest is compounded to the primary amount on a quarterly basis.
Comparing the interest rate of banks for the last few years signify that they have been quite unstable.  In 2010, fixed deposit rates started going up again as banks were short of money.  

Summary: Fixed deposit rates make you know the exact worth of investment of a depositor.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Bank FD Interest Rates: Understanding the Investment Returns

When you have money in your home, you are not going to be profited and if you invest in business, there is no assurance for profits. Safe investment is always with banks and even in this project; you need to verify with the bank fd interest rates, to have clear idea for depositing your money.
 Investing money in bank is always safe and you can withdraw, in case of emergency. In fixed deposits, there are different options for you and also with different rate of interest for the deposits.
If you want to enjoy the maximum financial benefits, you should check with the bank, which offers top interest for all types of fixed deposits. You should avoid withdrawing money, before your due date and otherwise; you would not be paid the full promised amount.


Always invest in fixed deposits and for this purpose; verify bank fd interest rates, without fail and this would help you to develop your wealth. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Best places to invest your savings

Money that is regarded as savings is often invested in a low risk, interest-producing account, rather than into elevated risk investments. Even though there is a prospect for larger returns with some investments, the plan behind savings is to let the money to grow gradually with little or no coupled with risk. The arrival of online banking has improved the array and convenience of savings accounts and vehicles. Though there are different kinds of accounts available online, fixed deposit account is the ideal one to invest your money as it offers you higher fixed deposit rates than any other accounts in the bank network.
Fixed deposits and Debentures are two dissimilar ways of investing money that carries higher fixed deposit rates. A debenture, which is an unsecured bond, is not sponsored by a physical asset or security. At times, debentures are issued with requirements that permit the bond holder to swap the debenture for the stock of a company. Non-exchangeable debentures are non-collateral bonds that cannot be swapped to company stock or equity. These Non-exchangeable debentures generally boast higher interest rates of interest similar to fixed deposit rates than convertible debentures.

A fixed deposit is an agreement with a bank where a depositor deposits money in the bank and is provided with higher fixed deposit rates and paid an expected fixed income. The amount of turnover or higher fixed deposit rates paid on the investment is permanent and will not decrease or increase at any time despite variations in the rate of interest. The fixed deposit rates typically offered by fixed deposits are low when compared to other investment forms since they are low-risk investments. Fixed deposits naturally have maturities that range from two weeks to five years. Fixed deposits cannot be cashed before its maturity period. In another sense, money cannot be taken out of the deposit for any cause until the time-period of the deposit has perished.

Summary: If the cash is withdrawn from the fixed deposit account before its maturity period, then the bank can levy a premature withdrawal fine or charge. A very familiar pattern of a fixed deposit account is a certificate of deposit.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Facts about bank FD interest rates

Bank FD interest rates are the interest rates that are being paid to the depositor by a bank for the principal amount invested in the fixed deposit. Normally, bank FD interest rates are less than the interest rates paid by the private financial institutions on fixed deposits. However, you have a great security for your sum deposited in fixed deposit scheme of the banks rather than depositing in private financial institutions. This is for the reason that if the banks go insolvent, they will return your deposited amount with accrued interest, whereas, this is not possible in case of private financial institutions. Also, the amount invested in the banks’ fixed deposit fetches you a tax deduction under the section 80G.

Summary: Though the bank FD interest rates are less than the interest rates offered by the private financial institutions, it is safe to deposit your hard-earned money in bank fixed deposit.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Fixed Deposits Help You Earn Returns

The fixed deposit calculator helps you to calculate the return of the principal amount when interest is applied on it. The effective result is the actual return on your fixed deposit amount. The result depends on the interest rate and the frequency of compounding. In India, most of the compounding is done quarterly and hence fixed deposit calculator can be used to know the maturity value of your fixed deposit amount.
Fixed deposit accounts can be opened in nationalized or private banks or even postal departments. If you want to calculate the maturity value for your fixed deposit amount then fixed deposit calculator will help you to calculate with the compounding of interest rate monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly basis.
Banks usually offer a higher rate of interest on fixed deposits than savings or current accounts. The rate of interest is calculated at sporadic intervals like monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly. In India, the interest rate is usually calculated quarterly. Fixed deposit calculator thus is a tool which sanctions any investor to know the effective annual interest rates, total interest or the future value of the investment that an individual make in a fixed deposit. The fixed deposit calculator will also let you compare the different interest rates of the banks and will help you to select the best interest provider in the market.

If you want to open a fixed deposit account, then you could use a fixed deposit calculator to calculate to compute tax you need to pay each financial year after tax deductions and the advance tax installments, if any. Everyone knows that tax on fixed deposits should be paid every financial year.
There are a number of articles available on the internet which guides people on how to avoid tax deductions on fixed deposits. It is better to stay away from such articles. The important and vital point is fixed deposit interest is taxable as per the tax slab. There are fixed deposit calculators that will help you to calculate the taxable amount as well.

Summary: Fixed deposit accounts can be opened by anybody, you must remember that the rate of interest is taxable and there are fixed deposit calculators that can help you calculate that taxable amount along with the maturity amount that you would get from your fixed deposit account.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Ways to obtain higher returns from fixed deposits

Bank deposits are loaned by depositors in principle to the bank, which then pays a sum as interest on the deposit to the depositor. The fixed deposit rates paid by the banks may vary according to the tenure of the deposit. Normally, banks pay higher fixed deposit rates on fixed deposits than any other deposit schemes. The higher the term of the fixed deposit the higher the fixed deposit rates a depositor can have. If you are a senior citizen aged 60 years or more you can have a higher interest on your fixed deposit.
Consider the tenure of your fixed deposit before depositing your money in a fixed deposit scheme. To get the best yield avoid withdrawing money before the deposit gets matured. You can calculate the fixed deposit rates by using a fixed deposit calculator before depositing your amount in any of the deposit schemes.

Summary: Before depositing you amount in any deposit schemes, it is better to compare the interest rates of different deposit schemes.